Is the universe a collection of randomly formed charged particles, miraculously coalesced into our existential reality?  Or, is our reality a construction of a divine origin, by design, in which everything is a creation of a single spiritual source?  The concept of a divine creation is an important component of every religion.  The writings of many of these faiths describe creation as a magical time when gods and the elements interacted to fabricate The Universe and Planet Earth.  The religious literature of these cultures use similar mythological archetypes, metaphors, and icons to communicate their understanding of our origins.  Every isolated culture in the world tells this story in one form or another, each attempting to use simple language to communicate scientifically complex principles. Have these similar ideas regarding our origins evolved separately over time, or are they an attempt to communicate a single episode from which all other accounts have originated? 

  All creation myths describe a divinely inspired, purpose based, instantaneous creation of the world.  In each mythology, ”singular” life force energy binds the universal order and the creation of the elements.  The creation of the world and humans is delegated to deities representing that life force.  The global concept of God and deities existed amongst isolated cultures through time yet the literary parallels are unquestionable evidence that all supernatural accounts may have stemmed from one single truth.  If syncretism is the absorption of ideas and images from other Religions, what is the term for the loss of images and ideas in a religion whose creation account has been rendered scientifically fallible?Genesis: The First Book of Moses contains the world’s most famous creation account and is the historical foundation of the Judeo-Christian Tradition.  For thousands of years, the followers of Judaism and Christianity have relied upon Genesis to help them understand who God is and how God created all things.  The current English translation perpetuates the Hebrew Tradition that the world was made in six days and is only six thousand years old. 

For thousands of years this explanation was as valid as any other creation myth.  That is, until the scientific evidence became too overwhelming. 


To most Historians and Scholars, Genesis is a mythological creation account from an isolated culture forced to form a religious identity of its own.  They attribute the ideas contained in Genesis to Gilgamesh and other ancient accounts of an antediluvian world.  But to millions of Humans, the Holy Bible is the undisputable
word of the “Almighty God”. 
Advancements in modern science have turned the current understanding of Genesis into a child-like fairy tale.  The English version of the creation of the world, and Adam & Eve is lacking a logical scientific validity.  Is Earth really only 6,000 years old?  The fossil evidence is contrary to say the least.  The concept that all races stem from a Caucasian, Adamic Race of peoples is ethnocentric and exclusionary.  What if Genesis says the Earth is very old?  What if Genesis is clear that Adam was not the first human on the planet?  What if Genesis refers to a time on Earth before humans existed?  A time when Dinosaurs walked the planet?  Wouldn’t a divinely inspired manuscript discuss the extinction of the Dinosaurs or how the impact craters may have contributed to it? The truth seekers of the world are interested in a cohesive, all encompassing explanation of the creation of the universe and humankind.  The Genesis Revelation will provide one. 

The translators of The Holy Bible were limited in their scientific knowledge and maintained a strict adherence to the traditional thought as handed down from the Hebrew Tradition.  What if the Hebrew Old Testament and The Greek New Testament are scientifically correct in their explanation of the creation of the Universe?  What if the Greek Septuagint and the Dead Sea Scrolls reinforce the idea that “in the beginning” was a very long time ago?   The Ancient Manuscripts must be re-examined for their original accuracy in light of the newest scientific knowledge and language currently available; then re-evaluate the appropriateness of the definitions to determine if a scientifically correct translation is feasible.


Myths and Fables

The oldest mythologies speak of a world long ago, where multiple gods created the Universe and communicated with Humankind on a conscious level.  The Egyptian, Sumerian, and Greek mythologies parallel the Mayan Popul Vu, and the Hindu Vedas in that they all describe a world of advanced societies where Humans are ruled by gods from the heavens.  In each mythology these gods are empowered by a singular extraterrestrial life force or godhead whose authority to rule is given to them on Earth.  The godhead provides the universal energy and the gods are delegated with individual responsibilities and powers in the cosmic order of things.  “The god of the sea,” “the god of fire,” and “The God of War;” these are just some of the titles held in a “royal court” of deities.  These gods are said to have created Humans by manipulating matter and the nuclear forces at play in the universe.  The myths are also in agreement that the Godhead is the source of all spirits and the gods ritualistically govern the inferior humans in an attempt to establish a “heavenly” order on Earth.  And lastly, they all agree that something went extremely wrong and the result was that humans and gods would no longer coexist on a conscious level.


The Hybrids

One very important aspect of these and other creation myths is the idea that the gods had interacted sexually with humans.  The subject of divine conception also exists in the Hebrew Genesis and is supported by the Greek Scriptures as well.  Every culture maintains that an Atlantis-like society of deities once ruled the Earth.  The Bible states that there was a time when humans and supernatural entities cohabitated on Earth.  A time when the chariots of the gods roamed the skies and the sons of gods wreaked havoc on Earth.  And then suddenly, they vanished, only to become larger than life myths, told through time to help cultures form identities in order to survive the global fight for resources.  

In Greek mythology, Ouranos, the male sky force, mates with Gaia, the supreme female Earth force.  The resulting offspring were supernatural entities called Titans.  These deities were empowered to have dominion over the Earth, the elements, and the fate of humankind.  Kronos, the leader of the first wave of Titans, ruled the Universe with his sister Rhea.  Their divine offspring included Zeus, Poseidon, god of the oceans, and Hades, the god of the underworld.  Zeus rules by the divine order of Ouranos from Mt. Olympus with his female cousin, Leto.  Their divine son, Apollo, the prophetic deity in charge of Delphi, has relations with males and females including Hecuba, a human.  Their offspring included Troilus, the legendary Trojan prince, killed by Achilles in Homer’s Illyad. 

In The Hindu Vedas, the supreme life force is the Brahman.  This supreme male consciousness mates with Hiranyagarbha, the female Earth force from out of which all worlds, divine beings, and organisms sprang forth.  The divine beings, or Devas are avatars with the ability to incarnate in human form for special purposes.  This usually includes procreation.  The Brahman life force forms a triumvirate comprised of Vishnu, Shiva, and the Brahman who rule from heavenly posts over other Devas and humans.

The Quiche Mayan Popol Vu describes a creation attended by three supernatural life forces: The Maker (or Creator), Tepeu, and Gucumatz.  These deities created an ecosystem on Earth and populated it with lesser deities and humans.  Quetzalcoatl, the god of the morning star, and his twin brother, Xolotl the god of the evening star, brought human kind and fire from the underworld.  One night, while under the influence, the celibate priest king Quetzalcoatl is supposedly seduced by a human female and engages in sexual relations. 

 Many of these myths contain multiple levels of heaven with each human attempting to reach ultimate enlightenment through the understanding of existential concepts and then negotiating a world of fear, pain, and evil to obtain it.  Terminology, ideology, and symbology converge to form an aggregate understanding that ancient religions may have been given this knowledge divinely.  The probability that these isolated cultures have independently discovered the basic precepts of an original cosmological creation account is just like saying the universe was formed from a random explosion of cosmic energy.  These commonalities, as Joseph Campbell writes, are “transformations of myth through time.”  There can only be one cosmological explanation for this universe and Creationism as a theory is the original concept of the Human collective subconscious. 

In the beginning, the human race had looked to the gods for sustenance and guidance.  The advancement of science and the new logical understanding of the universe eventually resulted in a turning away from the mythological explanations of things and became more focused on scientific truths based on observation.  The result; an unobservable, atheistic, “Big Bang” theory that insists the universe was spontaneously and randomly formed.  The evolution of the human condition has been ignored for a more scientifically acceptable cosmological explanation that reduces the argument for creation to random chance.

Faith and the Big Bang Theory 

Scientists have faith that a random and spontaneous Big Bang, followed by nucleosynthetic activity in expanding dark matter coalesced to form the Universe over 4 billion years ago.  Steady State Theory has recently been abandoned for an acceptance that a universal resonant frequency is the “echo” of the bang.  They have faith that in this rapid expansion of the universe, the Sun spontaneously ignited and held certain matter in its orbit. 


After closer examination they are now reporting that the universal temperature is a constant.  They have now reduced the time for the formation of the universe and the elements to less than 3 minutes in order to compensate for the cooling affect over time.  Then they say several billion years later that the Planets randomly formed by meteor collisions that coalesced into solid spheres.  


 Partum Terra Firma


We are then asked to have faith that one particular random coalescence led to the formation of the Earth and Moon at the exact distance from the Sun necessary to support organic life.  Then they say that billions of years ago ice carrying comets struck the earth and deposited more minerals and nutrients to support the extraterrestrial amino and nucleic acids deposited by subsequent meteors.  Then the earth was almost completely covered by water.  Some water was salty, and some water was fresh.  Scientists have now discovered that at some time or another, every continent of the face of the earth was under salt water.


So when the water recedes we are to have faith that lightning struck some rancid fresh water and the amino acids began to form single celled life; and that those cells randomly evolved into a life form capable of climbing onto land and breath oxygen from evolved lungs; and then those organisms evolved into Dinosaurs; and then a random meteorite shower or an instantaneous global volcanic activity, or a disease, or all of the above destroyed the dinosaurs; and then the Earth was covered by salt water; again; then it receded; and then some lightning hit the new rancid fresh water; and new amino acids formed to make new life forms.  And this completely new form of life of evolved to breath on land and that some of those life forms eventually walked upright and then one of those life forms built a rocket and traveled to the moon in search of new life forms. 




That’s faith.  Faith is the position no matter which side of the argument one is on.  The cumulative probability of each of these independent scientific evolutionary phenomena resulting in life is immeasurable.  The probability that an Omniscient Spiritual Force created the universe is 50/50.  It either happened or it did not. 


The Evolutionists


The concept that modern Humans evolved from simple microorganisms to form complex ideologies regarding their existence is in itself a mythology.  The advent of published evolutionary thought is assigned to the Greek philosopher Anaximander (610 – 546 B.C.).  He is believed to be the first to hypothesize and publish that Humans evolved from aquatic life forms.  The Chinese philosopher Chuang Tsu (≈ 350 B.C.) was first to publish the concept that life forms have the innate ability to transform and adapt to their surroundings.  



Western Science does not discover “evolution” until 1858 when Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace race to publish Chuang Tsu’s 2,000 year-old theory.  The case for evolutionary theory is limited.  The concept that individual organic organisms exist in isolation is also evidence for divine creation, as it supposes that individual organisms were created for the conditions in which they were intended to exist. 

 The Evolution argument also lacks the sufficient transitional fossil evidence necessary to prove that aquatic organisms mutated into Humans.  Every fossil is unique to its location and time.  There are no fossilized remains to show a definite transition in any species.  The debate for the creation of the universe is currently grounded in scientific theories and known observational “facts.”  The Evolutionists believe that the universe exploded into existence.  Creation Science claims the universe was spoken into existence. 


 A Purpose Based Universe 

Suppose it happened that a singular spiritual source of knowledge and energy created all things and that all things are dependent on this spiritual source for existence.  It would then make sense that there would be a purpose for this spiritual exercise and that the Creator may have intervened through time to manifest this purpose.  This places a serious burden on the truth seeker, as the concepts of redemption and punishment are not attractive components of a scientific universal model.  There is a safety inherent in all aspects of evolutionary speculation.  The only true determinant of what is good and evil exists in one’s own conscience and societies ability to control the limits. 

The Creationist must put their trust in the divinity of The Creator and attempt to live according to a code that discourages all evil and embraces love, truth, and forgiveness.  This has manifested a sense of self-exploration through time as new ideas and new religions are created to satisfy each new, and more learned generation.  Marx called religion “the opiate for the masses.”  Science is the newest form of religion where God is chance meets atomic energy.  The current condition of the human spirit is neglected for aerospace research and military spending.  This does not appeal to the masses in search of a more peaceful and spiritual existence.  So for that they turn to institutionalized religion and spirituality.  They seek the protection of Angels and guidance of “Holy Men.”



The Power of Thought

Herein lies the problem; Religion, like any craft or trade, is taught and perfected as taught.  Humans are fallible and their willingness to please the teacher to pass is inherent.  This is not an assault on the validity of the manuscripts.  This is an all out assault on the traditions of men whose teachings have rendered the Word of God empty and meaningless to a vast segment of society.  This is also a challenge to the Church.  It is an opportunity for the powers that be to set the record straight and to change the way the Bible is taught. 

The power of institutionalized religious thought has also come to mean, “Never question the authority of the institution’s viewpoint on the tradition as practiced.”  Humans are still put to death by fellow humans with evolved religious intolerances.  But many would take their own lives in order to prove their faith is unwavering.



The power of the mind is strong and martyrdom is often the choice of the faithful of any belief structure.  The truth seeker may see this as a crutch, or a weakness, or even an unwillingness to depend on one’s own will for survival.  But it is quite the contrary as believers seek an eternal survival, a reward of an everlasting life form and a never-ending relationship with the Creator.  And then they make the ultimate sacrifice out of faith.  We know that humans are capable of doing this, whether they are right or wrong may simply depend on whether or not a Creator accepts that sacrifice.  But this option assumes that the creator they are worshipping truely exists.  Believing in the unseen, they believe that giving, self-sacrifice, and a love for the Creator is the purest form of faith. 


The Cult of Personality



But most were followers of humans “posing” as official representatives of the divine creative source.  The industry of religion depends on this, as hypocrites, con artists, and philanderers have infiltrated organized religion in search of personal, financial, and hedonistic gain.  Any true message is not recognizable to the skeptics or intellectuals that are seeking truth and they are suspicious of human nature and the reputations of these leaders.  Truth seekers are intelligent enough to see the corruption and bigotry and as rational beings find it disinteresting given the creationist’s unscientific claims.   The baby is thrown out with the holy water, as the world turns to verifiable scientific evidence.  They search for quantum theories that “seam” justifiable given the scientific observations.  Because after all, if your doctrine were divinely inspired, wouldn’t it properly explain our existence from a logical point of view, wouldn’t it contain all of the answers?


 The Genesis Revelation

 The Genesis Revelation will show that when properly translated, the Hebrew Genesis and the supporting Greek Scriptures actually do tell a similar story.  The Genesis Revelation will examine ancient and modern forms of the Holy Bible in an attempt to prove that the argument for Divine Creation has been weakened by an archaic old English translation of a corrupted Hebrew Tradition.  The position of this thesis is that The Holy Bible is not flawed as it describes creation and ancient history, but that the understanding of the manuscripts and the subsequent translation of the accepted tradition to English have rendered the scientific and philosophical integrity of the original languages impotent in the argument against Evolution.  We will examine the text to determine the validity of the current English translation in light of its inability to fully convey the complex creation concepts documented in the Hebrew Genesis. 

 The Hebrew and Greek manuscripts have been preserved, and locked in their pages exists a scientifically acceptable translation.  The Genesis Revelation will re-examine the ancient texts under the light of new knowledge and the current theoretical scientific constraints in order to explain the age and creation of The Universe, The Earth, and all life on it.  The conclusions drawn in this book will ask the Judeo-Christian theological community to re-evaluate the traditional scholarly record in light of the scriptural references and evidence presented.  The Scientific community will have to evaluate its own universal model and see how a scientifically correct translation of Genesis provides competent theoretical models of time, space, and the construction of the Universe.  An original and scientifically correct creation account IS explained in the ancient languages.  Science is comfortable with random probability as the foundation of the Universe, yet the order and structure of things are obviously “by design”. 

The argument is one of intelligent design as a function of divine intelligence, or intelligent design as a function of random chance.  Both explanations depend on the same magical concept that from nothing came everything.  This magic, whether by chance or by design, is what we choose to believe in.  In the case of The Creation, it is both magical and mysterious. 

The Sacred Secret that was totally concealed separately, before the previous age and the previous generation.  And now rendered apparent to his Holy Ones.

The Genesis Revelation (TGR) - Colossians 1:26

The Author of The Book of Colossians states that before time that there was a Sacred Secret.  It also alludes to the concept that there was an age before “this” age as well as a generation before his generation.  Generations take place within ages.  Paul is referring to an ecosystem of completely different fauna, flora, and animals.  We hypothesize this is in reference to the age of the Dinosaurs.  He also speaks of a previous generation.  We hypothesize that the generation he is referring to is the time before The Flood of Noah.  And we hypothesize that the Sacred Secret referenced in this passage is a reference to the concept that The Anointed Messiah created the Heaven and Earth and was then kept hidden, in secret, until his advent as Messiah in human form.  The Genesis Revelation is the solution to the mystery referenced in the passage.  It is the Mystery of the Creation and the Concealing of The Creator before the destruction of the Dinosaurs who lived in the age before.

 Lost in Transliteration

Many theologians and historians doubt the existence of a true “Moses.”  If Moses existed, then the story of Genesis is quite possibly over 3,000 years old.  The Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint, was originally published in 246 B.C.  The King James Bible, published in 1611 A.D., is the first globally recognized English translation of the Genesis Creation Account.  Little was known about the Universe in the 17th Century and modern technological science was still in its infancy.  But it wasn’t long after that that scientific knowledge began to exponentially advance and these new ideas brought on the advancement of technology.  Philosophical thought would now be competing with the “apparent” scientific “facts.”  The Universe is very old and Dinosaurs existed in an age before ours.

The mystical and magical Judeo-Christian ideologies of the past were suddenly in conflict with philosophers turned alchemists who were using new technologies like microscopes and telescopes to validate theories of terrestrial and extraterrestrial existence.  The natural sciences of the world eventually became individual subjects of study and research has benefited from these isolated technological and philosophical advancements.  The world now seamed much older and diverse than previously imagined.  Genesis, as fact, began to loose serious ground with each new scientific discovery.  It soon became obvious that the King James and all subsequent translations were becoming obsolete in the scientific argument for existence. 

This understanding is solidified in these sanctioned English versions whose authors had no scientific knowledge.  They were scribes.  The author’s of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts were specific in their understanding of complex creation principles.  The current English translations of Genesis are outdated and are vastly comprised of Old Testament “Traditional” ideology.  The King James concept that God made the world in 6 days approximately 6,000 years ago has been perpetuated by this tradition for over 3,000 years.  For the last 400 years, Judeo-Christian Theologians have had to stand by the way side as modern science has continued to advance and produce geological and astronomical discoveries that have rendered the Genesis Creation Account fallacious.  Dinosaurs, DNA, radio telescopes, and carbon dating have combined to cast the darkest shadow on the Biblical explanation for the age of the Universe.  Theologians in this argument are grounded in the English scripture and have become hamstrung by the complexity and age of the Universe and rely solely on their faith in God to substantiate all things regardless.  This is not wrong.  Each Human may come to understand The Creator at the level they are capable of.  No human is denied the capacity to love an invisible Creator. 


The Scientific Model


All humans search for truth and The Creator manifests as that truth for many religions.  For modern science, the love for a creator is strictly a love for the truth.   They have a sincere desire to discover the source of all life.  A love for the truth drives both sides.  Scientists want to know why photons behave the way they do.  They are in awe of the particles ability to do what it does.  There exists a love for finding the truth of why that is.  They have a respect for the identifiable cosmic forces, which make life so.  Scientist’s search, and they research, and most live morally proper lives, fueled by a love for truth, and constantly in search of answers that make sense.  Because after all, the Bible doesn’t make scientific sense as currently translated and you don’t need a book to tell you the difference between right and wrong.  All that spiritual stuff is not necessary if this is all there is existentially. 

So science forges a moral path through time, their Churches are universities and laboratories where they practice truth each day.  Truth at the expense of ego exists as new revelations and discoveries rock the scientific world each day.  Theories are adjusted and models are adapted to fully utilize the array of facts exposed by new knowledge.  The theory for Evolution gains ground and builds momentum as each new scientific discovery makes creation harder and harder to justify Biblically.  So each new generation continues the debate and time and time again, the creationist are allowed to present the same scientifically fallacious argument as science updates the world with even newer evidence to corroborate the current 4.5 billion year old age of the Earth.

The Earth is not 6,000 years old and was not created in six, 24-hour periods.   The Holy Bible stipulates this throughout the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures in literary axioms and parables.  The Hebrew Genesis is quite clear in its explanation if read from a non-secular, scientific perspective.  The idea that God created the Earth in 6 days cannot exist in a Hebrew text that states that Dinosaurs existed and were destroyed catastrophically.  All current English translations of The Holy Bible are scientifically archaic and limited in their ability to relate these concepts.  These vital concepts had already been diluted by the Jewish Tradition’s reinforcement and perpetuation of a six-day theory.  Even if they didn’t believe it themselves, having faith that it happened was mandatory. 

The 1611 King James Translation was the first mass publication of the English versions of the Old and New Testament, but all subsequent translations thereafter plagiarized most of these ideas in order to accelerate their own differentiated interpretation of it.  In doing so, the New World and other “Modern” Translations are contaminated with a recycled account of an apostate traditional creation account.  The current translation’s differences are focused on doctrinal issues of faith, works and salvation.  Each is void of any deeper investigation as to the valid creation concepts available in the original languages given what we know now.  The modern case for creation has reached a stumbling block, as the scientific communities now perceive any Judeo-Christian apologetics based on this tradition as organized insanity.  The world is old and dinosaurs existed.  Creationists can only shrug and say with a straight face that “God’s creation is a mystery, we don’t have all the answers.” 

But we are told that the clues have been made available to all who seek them.  Just because it was a mystery, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be solved.  Judeo-Christianity has argued an old tradition to the point of fragmentation.  Clutching the money purse tighter than the Bible, they have accepted a watered down solution for the masses, sustaining disbelief through control rather than truth.  There was a time when the Pope stood on a flat Earth and to say otherwise meant death.   We now live in a different time.  It is a time that calls for a new translation and commentary that is scientifically correct and Biblically accurate no matter whom it upsets.  This is the scientific process.  The argument calls for a critical re-examination of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures from a scientifically correct perspective in order to form a more credible hypothesis for Creation and time. 


Hooke’s Telescope

 The Method of Examination

The 1800’s witnessed the birth of Western Science and the technological advancements that followed have aided modern theorists in the argument for Evolution.  Today, Evolution theory is necessary for this technologically evolving society that has left deities and dragons for quasars and black holes.  The evolutionary universal theories are constantly changing with technology and the recent consensual movement from a stable state theory to an unstable one is now in doubt by more than a few leading scientists.    

From the big bang theory to DNA, science has been able to compartmentalize various theories of creation and isolate their research in order to focus on the details.  They are all in search of identifiable proof using particle accelerators and radio telescopes to search for the origins of life.  The energy that binds the universe at the microscopic level is still invisible and unidentifiable.  They equate the reasoning behind subatomic phenomena as ‘the promise.”  They say that all matter behaves in a reliable manner and is consistent by a universal “commitment” to the rules of physics.  Whose rules?  Astrophysicists probe the galaxies in search of the end but cannot find it.  They understand that gravitational and thermodynamic forces are isolated in space by an invisible ether or galactic dark matter.  Scientists are now calling this dark matter the “God particle.”  Science constantly changes the grammar it uses to appropriately convey the current ideas under exploration.  It was not so easy for theologians.  It is as if they have maintained the status quo for fear of exposing their own ignorance.  Or even worse, they know everything that this book is about to reveal at the highest levels.

There does exist English words and ideas that will prove more suitable to the intent of the original languages in that they are logically appropriate to a cohesive story.  This book will look deep into the Hebrew and Greek languages of the Bible in search of a scientifically correct translation of Genesis for a more learned generation.  A translation that is true to the scriptural integrity of the text and void of the traditional influences that have become unproductive in the argument for Creation.  It will use the known astronomical, geological, and archeological evidences as benchmarks and truths, that when corroborated in the Ancient Manuscripts, will bring this new understanding of Genesis to the forefront in the debate for Creation Science. 

The Genesis Revelation is a quest for a new understanding of God, deities, and creation.  We cannot attempt to heighten the debate if we insist on perpetuating the old archetypes and vocabulary of the Judeo-Christian Tradition.  The verses of the Ancient Texts will be analyzed using Biblical Software, Bible Dictionaries, Grammar Books, and Concordances in order to properly translate and communicate a more scientifically correct Biblical Creation Account.   We will evaluate the languages with the primary Hypothesis that: The Manuscripts, as received in the original languages, are divinely inspired by supernatural entities and mutually inclusive.  In other words, the Hebrew and Greek words as written are the literal intention of a Supreme Intellectual Force, communicated to Humans by Extraterrestrial Beings, and as complimentary texts, they cannot conflict or contradict each other in any way. 

The Argument for a Divinely Inspired Creation

 What if an Extraterrestrial Creator populated the planet with plants, animals, and dinosaurs; then destroyed that world; and then what if it then re-populated the world with new plant and animal life; and then put humans on it?  Extraterrestrial as used here to mean, “not made of elements from planet Earth.”  Not little green men, but an Alien Race, identical to humans but made from supernatural DNA.  What if the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts had accurately described these beings and the formation of time and space and the origins of all life on planet Earth?  What if the Mayan, Greek, and other myths all evolved from this one story?  This could mean that a Self-Existent, Omniscient, and Infinite Entity may have inspired those manuscripts to include all of the information necessary for a total understanding of the truth.  This would be God.


The Theorems

The following two theoretical propositions will be the foundation of this argument and are necessary concepts in order to properly translate the Book of Genesis:

Theorem #1 – Moses, the 24th descendent from Adam, was divinely inspired to write the Book of Genesis by a Supernatural Entity. 

If Moses wrote Genesis, it would mean that it has existed in tablet form as early as 1500 B.C.  The oldest known manuscripts are based on Middle Eastern written and oral traditions now preserved in the Masoretic Texts.  The Masoretic texts were copied and distributed by sect of Hebrew Scribes known as the Masorites between the 7th and 10th centuries A.D.

“Masorah refers to everything transmitted with the original biblical text.  It includes: vowel signs, accent signs, arrangements of poetry, marginal notes, and endnotes, as well as separate treatises on the copying and use of manuscripts.”

- Preface to Hebrew-English Tanakh, Jewish Publication Society, 1999

Many versions of the Masorah exist and the variations and inconsistencies are acceptable and do not stray away from the central theme.  The Modern Hebrew Bible was eventually transcribed from the Aramaic, Chaldaean, and Hebrew languages that make up the Masoretic Old Testament.  The Jewish Publication Society acknowledges the Masorah, but in their preface it states that they chose to change certain concepts in their interpretation of the words as spelled in their translation. 

The Holy Bible is a document that has experienced its own evolution through time.  The Hebrew Tradition was extended to Christianity when the Greek New Testament was compiled in 45 A.D.  The two documents combine to form a complex web of scriptural cross-references that resemble a Rubik’s Cube of words and languages that can only have one logical solution.

Theorem #2 – The Hebrew and Greek Manuscripts, which make up the Holy Bible are mutually inclusive and cannot contradict each other.

The interpretations vary, but if the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts that make up the Holy Bible are divinely inspired, there can only be one Biblical truth.  If that truth is not consistent with our understanding of the Universe, then it may not be correct.  If Dinosaurs exist in the Holy Bible, then they are hidden behind a translation that was originally based on their non-existence.  Like their fossilized skeletal remains, the verses of the original languages have been buried under years of tradition, made illogical by a translation ignorant of the scientific facts. 


 The Tradition

The oldest and most popular English translation is The King James Version of the Hebrew and Greek Manuscripts.  The King James Holy Bible is a fascinating document that has transformed Humans and shaped World History through time.  Commissioned in 1611 by the King of England for which it is named, the English Bible explains the essence of the original manuscripts, but lacks a depth of scientific understanding for a comprehensive examination of the Universe.  The English translation falls short in its ability to convey several key concepts necessary for solving the Mystery of Divine Creation. 

The Mystery of the Anointed Messiah and the Mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth are very crucial and controversial components of the Bible.  They have been subjects of great debate in Judeo-Christianity and have been major points of the dispersion of Christian thought.  Another clue to solving the riddle of Genesis lies in understanding these complex mysteries and their impact on the grammatical analysis.  These two mysteries have been hidden since before time and they are to be revealed now for the first time to a new generation of truth seekers in search of their divine origins. 

There were no apple trees described in the Garden of Eden yet the common understanding is that Eve ate an apple.  For thousands of years, the issue of Divine Creation was accepted and unchallenged.  What has evolved from the Hebrew Traditional viewpoint is this: The fabric of time and space and Planet Earth were instantaneously created approximately six thousand years ago; the planet Earth was hydrated, forested, and populated in six, twenty-four hour days; and all Human DNA originates with Adam. 

Where are the Dinosaurs?  Where are the distinctly pure Human genomes, which make up the original races?  Not withstanding these inconsistencies in the translation, the English Genesis is still the dominant theological case for creation.  Weakened in the argument as modern science and new technologies push the envelope of understanding beyond this simple myth.  So Genesis is cast to the wayside along with other implausible Greek, Egyptian, Maya, and Asian creation myths.  All were fantastic antediluvian exaggerations of a magical time and place when the gods interacted with an inferior human species.  


The Evolution of a Dinosaur


For 3,500 years Hebrew Scholars had interpreted the current translation of Genesis with a limited capacity for understanding the complex structure of the Universe and the nature of the physical sciences.  Alchemy, the first science, was a method of understanding the relationship between humans and the elements and is believed to be part of an overall transformation of the spirit in time and space.  Alchemy is part of every primitive culture and it reached its height of popularity in the 16th century A.D.  Nostradomas, Newton, and Fulcanelli were all Alchemists in search of a fundamental truth where spirit and matter coexisted on many levels.  Their philosophy is based on the hypothesis that the physical elements and the spirit are connected and that one can achieve ultimate knowledge and immortality by mastering the craft of The Alchemist. 

This is the fulcrum point where faith and science last coexisted.  It marks the end of the age of the omnipotent creator and “a turning” to an age where scientific facts and recorded observations are truth.  Alchemy is eventually associated with the occult and in the 17th Century, science becomes the study of inorganic chemistry, a more acceptable and philosophically less threatening investigation into the facts.  Modern science could now focus on the evidence and leave faith in the hands of the churches and temples.  As these technologically advancing societies grew, the power of the church was weakened and independent thought soon prevailed.

Nicolaus Copernicus was the first to cast doubt on the Ptolemaic Theory that the Earth was the center of the Universe.  His final work, On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, was published upon his death in 1543.  The first Western discovery of a Dinosaur bone, “Megalosaurus,” occurred in 1677, and Paleontology does not enter the collective pool of scientific classifications until Georges Cuvier compares elephants to mammoths in 1796.  Cuvier was first modern scientist to hypothesize that an instantaneous, global, cataclysmic event ended all prehistoric life on Planet Earth.   

The term “Dinosaur” does not become part of the English vernacular until 1842 when Sir Richard Owen combines the Greek words for what could best be described as a “terrible lizard,” so he combined the Greek words, “Dinos – Sauros” to coin the term.  These are important facts, and eventual biblical stumbling blocks that limit the case for creation.  The Translators of the King James Bible were literary scribes, not scientists, and their goal was to provide the fundamental precepts of faith, forgiveness, and salvation that were contained in The Bible to the greater English-speaking world.  They were not attempting a scientifically correct translation; they were in search of a proper, and more traditional accuracy as instructed by the Crown.


The King James Disclaimer

The “Preface” contained in the introduction to the original King James Bible contains a message to the readers by the translators.  The Scribes understood they could never encompass the meaning of the whole Bible let alone a scientifically accurate creation account given their limited knowledge of such subjects.  They understood these limitations and their inability to accurately translate every word exactly as intended.  They could only use the “Olde English” words available to their Vocabulary at the time.

“also that we cannot follow a better patterne for elocution then God himselfe; therefore he using divers words, in his holy writ, and indifferently for one thing in nature: we, if we will not be superstitious, may use the same libertie in our English versions out of Hebrew & Greeke, for that copie or store that he hath given us.”

                                                            Preface to the Reader: The King James Bible

The state of scientific discovery in the 17th Century was limited.  The Translators did not have the knowledge or vocabulary necessary to accurately translate these scriptures for scientific content.  They were commanded to translate the Hebrew to the best of their ability.  They did a very good job.  The translation conveys the most basic and critical aspects of salvation and has provided peace and comfort to millions.  The Authors of the Greek translation believed that Moses did in fact exist and that Messiah expounded to the Disciples, all of the prophecies regarding his arrival from the books of Moses and The Prophets.

And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.

The King James Version - Luke 24:27 


If Genesis was truly written in the 15th century B.C., then it is possible that somewhere in the 3,000 years of it’s existence that the Biblical concept of Dinosaurs and a cataclysmic global destruction has been either forgotten or misunderstood.  This generation has experienced an exponential increase in its overall knowledge of the Universe.  It is time to experience an exponential increase in Biblical knowledge as well.


But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. 

The King James Version - Daniel 12:4

In this verse, a Supernatural Entity speaks to Daniel regarding a certain prophecy.  The Entity predicts that the words of that prophecy will make sense at a time when knowledge is increased.  This very same principle may apply to other complex Biblical concepts.  The Genesis Revelation will challenge the apparent fallacies and inconsistencies present in the current traditional translation in order to determine the most appropriate translations and transliterations. The Genesis Revelation will make the case that Genesis is a divinely inspired Universal Creation Account that is scientifically accurate through a translation that is consistent with scripture and true to the original language.  We cannot attempt to heighten the debate if we insist on perpetuating the old, archaic, English archetypes that are perpetuated to this day.  There can only be one story and the Genesis Revelation will shed light on the facts and provide the truth seeker a comprehensive understanding of what the Bible really says about these and other mysteries.